Site visit to Khorgos International Centre Of Boundary Cooperation (ICBC “KHORGOS”) and Special Economic Zone Khorgos Eastern Gates (SEZ “KHORGOS EASTERN GATES”) at the Kazakh-Chinese Border

Participants of the sixth Central Asian Trade Forum will have a unique opportunity to take part in a site visit to ICBC “KHORGOS” ( and SEZ “Khorgos Eastern Gates” ( at the Kazakh-Chinese border, which will be held on September 8-9, 2016.

Participants of the site visit will explore the terms and conditions for attracting investments, study issues related to taxation, public-private partnership mechanism, opportunities for employing an asset management company, visa issues, tariffs, exemptions and concessions for transshipment, storage, processing and transportation of cargoes, and terms, conditions and rules for opening representative offices. They will also have opportunities to establish direct business contacts and participate in business-to-business meetings.

After CATF commences, registered participants will depart for ICBC “KHORGOS” and SEZ “Khorgos Eastern Gates” in the evening on September 8, 2016, and return late evening on September 9, 2016. To participate in the site visit ICBC “KHORGOS” and SEZ “Khorgos Eastern Gates”, you will need to purchase a roundtrip rail ticket from Turan-Express Railways (private operator of the Almaty-Khorgos passenger train), for approximately $60 USD (sixty USD) in Kazakh Tenge. Each passenger sleeper-style car is equipped with comfortable beds for the overnight ride. The payment is to be made in KZT according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of the day of payment. Please note that the capacity of sleeper-style cars is limited.

For more information regarding the site visit to ICBC “KHORGOS” and SEZ “Khorgos Eastern Gates” please contact Aizhan Beiseyeva, USAID/REC’s coordinator, e-mail:


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