Every year within the scope of the Central Asian Trade Forum an exhibition of participating companies’ goods takes place. Only registered participants of the Trade Forum are allowed to display their products at the exhibition. The exhibition provides producers with an opportunity to establish new business contacts and expand their marketing areas. 

The exhibition will be held concurrently with the Trade Forum for 2 days: September 7-8, 2016, at the Rixos Hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Each participant will be given a display stand with a total area of 4 sq. m (2x2m) equipped with a desk and two chairs. The Forum initiator will provide the exhibition space free of charge for participants of the Trade Forum.

The amount of the fee is 100 US Dollars.  Payment is to be made before the beginning of the Forum on the 7 September by bank transfer in tenge or in US dollars (for foreign firms / companies of non-residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan) at the exchange rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the payment could be made right at the Forum. However, registration for the Forum must be done before August 31, 2016. Payment could be made after the registration before the start of the Forum or at the Forum. 

In order to pay by bank transfer you need to send your company's bank details to e-mail address: accounts@catradeforum.org. An invoice will be sent by a return letter.

If a participant cannot pay for participation in the exhibition by bank transfer for whatever reason, the participant may be given an option of paying by cash, providing him with a fiscal receipt (a proforma-invoice and a certificate of completion can also be provided on request) on the first day of the Trade Forum. For this purpose the participant must address the exhibition coordinator of the Trade Forum - Lidiya Tsoi - ltsoy@ezs.kz  in advance to agree the deferred payment. If approved, the participant will be required to provide a letter of guarantee.

Payment for any additional equipment as well as for delivery, custom clearance, insurance, handling and storing of exhibits shall be borne by the participants. Installation of the exhibits will take place on 07.09.2016 from 07.00 until 08.30 in the morning. Dismantling of the exhibition equipment and removal of exhibits will be arranged on 08.09.2016 from 18.00 to 22.00. 

If you are not a registered participant of the Central Asian Trade Forum VI but wish to attend the exhibition, you may drop by on September 8 between 12:00 and 17:00. The exhibition will be open for everyone during this time. Except the mentioned time, during the Trade Forum, only registered participants will be able to enter the exhibition area.

Venue: 506/99 Seyfullin Avenue, Almaty, Rixos Hotel, Ballroom Hall

Should you have any questions please contact the exhibition coordinators of the Trade Forum: Lidiya Tsoi - ltsoy@ezs.kz, Natalya Ten - nten@ezs.kz.

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