Day 1, September 7

BALLROOM 3: Plenary session: Export Potential and Trade Development in Central Asia

 -  Victor Prodedovich. Export Potential and Trade Development: Challenges and Opportunities in Central Asia

 -  Eldar Abakirov. Export Potential of the Kyrgyz Republic

 -  Ulugbek Kamaletdinov. Export potential and new opportunities. Uzbekistan

 -  Agris Preimanis. Central Asia: growth under uncertainty

BALLROOM 3: Panel discussion: Economic and Geopolitical Conditions for Export and Trade Development in Central Asia

 -  Kubatbek Rakhimov. Go North! Or Export Perspectives of the Central Asia countries with the Eurasian Economic Union

 -  Max EE. The New Silk Road (Regional Cooperation between China and Central Asia)

 -  Stefka Slavova. Regional Trade In Central Asia: Lessons From Other Regional Trade Blocs

Diamond 1: Doing business in Central Asia 

 -  Siddhesh Kaushik. Transparency In Trade (TNT) & World Integrated Trade System (WITS)

 -  Moussa Traoré. Subnational Doing Business

 -  Samuel Munyaneza. UNCTAD Programme on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs)

Diamond 3: Enhancing economic ties between India and Central Asia 

 -  1_Azhmat Alimov. Kazakhstani-Indian Business Council (KIBC)

Diamond 5: Development of regional tourism – new trends and opportunities

 -  Eraj Mukhammadjon zoda. Activities of the Tajik Association of Tourism Organizations (ТАТО)

 -  Mirtolib Mirzakhidov. Presentation for TOP RESA 2016

 -  Anvar Yusupov. Kyrgyzstan. An oasis on the Great Silk Road

 -  Dildar Alimbekova. Tourism Development Prospects in Central Asia

 -  Kishwar Abdulalishoev. Development of Regional Tourism: trends and opportunities

Day 2, September 8

BALLROOM 3: New strategies for business development – key success factors

 -  Elaine Conkievich. Women’s Empowerment Principles – Equality Means Business

 -  Maximilian Foedinger. New strategies for Business Development. Key success Factor. Innovation

 -  Ruslan Iskakov. Export-credit support of the goods and services

BALLROOM 3: Seminar: Trade means Business: the art of the sale - learning from the Masters

 -  Zhanna Martynova. Promising areas for the development of trade relations between Russia and Central Asian countries

 -  Igor Kachalov. Renovating impact of crisis

Diamond 1: Roundtable: Development of transport and logistics - new challenges and opportunities

 -  Larissa Kislyakova. Regional transport partnership and its role in solving transport problems

 -  Temirbek Shabdanaliyev. Year of the union with the EEU: first results, analysis of the problems and perspectives of Kyrgyzstan transport system integration into the single transport complex of the Customs Union

 -  Yuriy Lavrinenko. Project on Creation of Single Transport Area of the Eurasian Economic Union. Development of Transport Complex and Transit Potential in Kazakhstan. Reforming of Railway Transport, Transformation of KTZh NC JSC

 -  Karl Khesein. Investment Opportunities in the heart of Central Asia

 -  Cordula Rastogi. The 2016 Logistics Performance Index (lpi): overview and Central Asia’s performance

 -  Max EE. Role of Central Asia in the New Silk Road

 -  Bakhtiyor Ergashev. Transport sector and transit in Uzbekistan in the context of economic transformation for medium and long term: problems and solutions

Diamond 2: Roundtable: Horticultural Exports from Central Asia and Export Diversification

 -  Akmalkhon Alimkhanov. Practical Aspects of Fruits and Vegetables Export from Uzbekistan

 -  Arsen Kerimbekov. Measures of State Support for the Development of Fruit and Vegetable Sector in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Economic Efficiency Evaluation

 -  Alisher Sapayev. Fruit and Vegetable Export Diversification, Uzbekistan’s Experience

 -  Eugeniy Klimov . Organic Agriculture Potential in Export Diversification

Diamond 2: Roundtable: Horticultural Exports from Central Asia and Export Diversification

 -  Sergey Shevchuk. Regulatory aspects of wheat trade, including harmonization of fortified wheat flour standards, to scale up trade flows and to further industry development

 -  Shamil Tazhibayev. Harmonization of standards for fortified wheat flour in Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan and Pakistan

 -  Aliya Ilyassova. What does WTO membership mean for trade of wheat flour in the Central Asian Region, Afghanistan and Pakistan?

 -  Annamurat Nazarov. Wheat Flour Fortificationin Turkmenistan and its Legal Framework

 -  Sarwar Tariq. Pakistan flour mills association presentation at cross border meeting at Almaty, Kazakhstan by global alliance for improved nutrition

Diamond 5: Panel Discussion: Women in Business

 -  Elaine Conkievich. Women’s Economic Empowerment means Business for Central Asia

 -  Alma Kassymova. SME Finance and Development in Kazakhstan

 -  Manizha Haitova. Women in IT Industryin Central Asia

Day 1, October 28


 -  Inoyatullo Kasimov. New realities and development issues

 -  Marek Dabrowski. Global and regional factors of economic development affecting trade in CA

 -  Ulugbek Kamaletdinov. Factors affecting trade relations in CA and SA

Diamond 1 : «Role of International and Donor Organizations in Trade Development in Central Asia»

 -  David Brown. USAID Presentation

 -  Khushnidjon Rasulov. GIZ Presentation

 -  Tiziana Bonapace

 -  Saidmumin Kamolov. UNESCAP Presentation

 -  Violane Konar-Leacy. World Bank Group Presentation

Diamond 2 : «Export development of horticultural products in Central Asia»

 -  Arsen Kerimbekov. Import Potential of Horticultural Products into Kazakhstan

 -  Galina Guseva. Development of export potential of horticultural products in the Republic of Kazakhstan

 -  Sergey Moiseenko. Fruits and vegetables supplies diversification. Export to the countries of European Community

 -  Ulugbek Kamaletdinov. Institutional development of HORTICULTURAL products export

 -  Yuliy Yusupov. Export of horticultural products from Uzbekistan

Diamond 5 : «Prospects for Development of the Pharmaceutical Market in Central Asia»

 -  Jamolitdin Najmitdinov. Pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan in the context of new trade realities

 -  Michael Megargee. How Current GMP Lead to the Production of Quality Assured Pharmaceutical Products

 -  Nailya Cherednichenko. Analysis of the pharmaceutical market

 -  Nikolay Belkovich. EEU PHARMA what will the upcoming year prepare for us

 -  Patricia Grigoleit. Emerging Pharmaceutical Markets

 -  Vyacheslav Lokshin. Pharmaceutical market in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Day 2, October 29


 -  Independent transition to new standard version ISO 9001-2015

 -  ISO 90012015 and requirements for the context being the basis of strategic management

 -  ISO 9001-2015 and risk management

 -  ISO 9001-2015 Knowledge management

 -  ISO 9001-2015 Criteria and indicators of processes

 -  ISO 9001-2015 Communications management

 -  7 ISO 9001-2015 and consistency of quality objectives to strategic management

BALLROOM 3 : Plenary session

 -  Dmitry Ditchkovsky. Milavitsa Organizational Development for Export

 -  Igor Kachalov. Branding that sells

 -  Maximilian Foedinger. Adapting to realities - The new enviroment

 -  Patricia Grigoleit. TIGO GmbH - Geman biotech venture

 -  Stephen Lewarne. How to Export Successfully.pdf

Diamond 1 : «New Realities of Transport and Logistics for Trade Development in Central Asia»

 -  Abdulla Khashimov. Barriers in the Field of Transport and Logistics Development in CA

 -  Abdur-Rashid Sakenov. Projects of Construction of Transport and Logistics Centers for Export and Import Transportations

 -  Larisa Kislyakova. Influence of international agreements in the field of transportation on the development of international road transport

 -  Temirbek Shabdanaliyev. Project of the General Concept for Introduction of Logistic Centers in Kyrgyzstan

 -  Violane Konar-Leacy. Border Agency  Efficiency – the critical link to corridor performance


Plenary session - October 29

 - Victor Prodedovich

 - Holger Wiefel. EBRD. Trade Development Perspectives for the Central Asia

 - Kamoliddin Nurmatov. Small Businesses and Private Entrepreneurship Export Support Fund

 - Gulru Kayumova. Trade and Regional Cooperation for Economic Growth in the Republic of Tajikistan

Diamond 1. Economic corridors impact on trade in Central Asia

 - Abdulla Khashimov

 - Andrew Segars

 -  Asel Chingysheva

 -  Jovan Jekic

 -  Kaspars Kukelis

 - Roman Mogilevskiy

 -  Ruslan Sultanov

 - Yuliy Yussupov

Diamond 5. Prospects for the development of a pharmaceutical market in Central Asia

 - Aida Seyilova. Market of antituberculous drugs

 - Iveta Streipa - Participating in the WHO prequalification program - Shortened version

 - Kristopher Howard. Becoming a Partner of Choice

 - Nailya Cherednichenko. Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Market Retail Segment Overview

 - Vyacheslav Lokshin. Prospects for Pharmaceutical Market Development

 - Yuriy Podpruzhnikov. Review of GMP Standards

 - Zhamolitdin Nazhmetdinov. Pharmaceutical industry in Uzbekistan


Plenary session - October 30

 - Igor Artemiev. Face New Markets

 - Maximilian Foedinger. Volume or Value Central Asia’s opportunities in a permanently changing environment

 - Thomas Huebner. The Six Steps Approach to Export Success

Diamond 1. Development of economic corridors and impact on trade in CA

 - Abdulla Khashimov

 - Berik Bulekbayev

 - Kubatbek Rakhimov

 - Larisa Kislyakova

Diamond 2. Round Table - Organic Farming

 - Andre Leu. World OA overview and CC 2014

Day 1, october 9


 - Export Competitiveness - Gaziza Shakhanova , KZ

 - Export Competitiveness - Iskandarbek Mamatov, KG

 - Export Competitiveness - Zukhrudin Kenjaev, TJ

 - Export Competitiveness - Kadyr Yussupov, UZ

 - Export Competitiveness - Ibragim Shams, AF


 - Business prospects to increase the export competitiveness - Gulaikhan Myrzagalieva, KZ

 - Business prospects to increase the export competitiveness - Elena Dobryak, KG

 - Business prospects to increase the export competitiveness - Zamira Rakhimova, TJ

 - Business prospects to increase the export competitiveness - Abdukhakim Abdurakhmanov, UZ


 - Trade policies of Central Asian countries - Arslanbek Omurzakov, KZ

 - Trade policies of Central Asian countries - Yuliy Yussupov, UZ

 - Trade policies of Central Asian countries - Jovan Jekic

 - Trade policies of Central Asian countries - Roman Mogilevsky, KG


 - Master-class - Is your business export fit - Maximilian Foedinger


 - Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan - Sabit Narbaev, KZ

 - Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan - Timur Nuratdinov, KZ

 - Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan - Zhaksybay Tleuberlin, KZ

 - Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan - Yuriy Kirss, KZ

 - Economic Cooperation with Afghanistan - Mohammad Ibrahim Shams, AF

Day 2, october 10


 - International Best Practices for Export - Jim Krigbaum

 - Export strategies that work - Maximilian Foedinger


 - Role of Chambers of Commerce in Export Development - Abdul Qadyr Bakhman, AF

 - Role of Chambers of Commerce in Export Development - KG

 - Role of Chambers of Commerce in Export Development - TJ

 - Role of Chambers of Commerce in Export Development - Shara Akylbaeva, KZ


 - Export promotion tools for small and medium businesses - Nazar Talibdjanov,KZ


 - Innovative practices - Rupa Ganguli, KG

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